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6/24/2020 - Bishop Degrood: A Healthy Emotional and Spiritual Response to the Impact of COVID-19

Dear Catholic faithful of the Diocese of Sioux Falls,

In the past months I have been reviewing data and insights from others on the status of COVID-19 so I can actively discern how we should respond as a diocese. My goal has been to prudently discern how we might help reduce the spread of the virus but do it in a reasonable manner so as not to cause unreasonable hardship on people’s lives. Now that we have months of data on COVID-19, it has been on my mind and heart to address the emotional and spiritual impact it has had on so many people. The video below walks you through my thoughts. You can find some of the data I am using as I discern at this link, You can use this data to help inform yourself and others so we all can strive to be prudent in our approach to COVID-19.

Please know of my prayers for all of you and I ask for yours as we strive to make the best decisions possible under the guidance of Our Lord.

+Donald E. DeGrood

6/10/2020 - Bishop Degrood on the killing and aftermath of George Floyd's Death

In the wake of the current events ranging from the pandemic to the divide that is not only gripping our nation but our entire world at this time, Bishop DeGrood prays for us all with a message of harmony and love.

It's God's love that is going to help us find harmony where there is great disharmony and injustice, much like Jesus and His suffering and the great injustice He endured.

5/27/2020 - Priesthood and Diaconate Ordinations

Bishop DeGrood welcomes you to join the diocese in the Ordination to the Diaconate and Priesthood this week, May 28th and 29th at 11:00am CDT. Streamed live from the Cathedral of Saint Joseph in Sioux Falls, SD.

Please note due to COVID-19 social distancing recommendations, these Masses are by invite only, and will only be available to view online for all others. Please pray for these fine men

Ordination to the Diaconate

  • May 28th - 11:00am
  • Mr. Jacob Doty, Mr. Scott Miller & Mr. Jeffrey Schulte

Ordination to the Priesthood:

  • May 29th - 11:00am
  • Rev. Mr. Michael Kappermen & Rev. Mr. Tony Klein.

5/21/2020 - How can you grow in your faith without interrupting life?

It is often challenging, as the enemy tries to keep it, to bring God into any part of life besides Mass. However, this is the struggle of all Christian life, to avoid making compromises with the enemy. Many may think, "I pray, go to Mass, and even try my best to be a good person. What more could be necessary in living as a Christian?". This is an important question with a fundamentally important answer. It is very important to remain open to God's momentary promptings, learn as much as possible about important questions, strive to root-out sins in your life, and leave no aspect of life apart from God. A few simple ways to accomplish these are:

  • Frequent the sacraments
  • Say little prayers through out the day
    • Before, during, and/or After Meals
    • Waking up/Going to sleep
    • Think of God in all circumstances
  • Prepare yourself to defend the faith by learning all you can
  • Tell God everything in prayer
  • Read the Saints
  • Listen to Catholic Media

5/11/2020 - Monsignor Mangan

Several titles from the Litany of Loreto (or Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary) leap out at us during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our Lady is the Virgin most merciful, Health of the sick, Refuge of sinners, Comforter of the afflicted and Help of Christians.

These five powerful ways to refer to Mary teach us many truths. She looks upon our misery with compassion, restores vigor to the ill, welcomes home those who have turned their backs against her Son, brings solace to the overburdened, and supports those who love and follow Christ.

Our Lady is concerned about the wellness of the whole person—body, mind and spirit. She accepts the maternal duty, given to her by God, to help us, the brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ. And we have a corresponding duty to ask her, whom the faithful have urgently invoked for centuries, to do what she does—lead us to her Son, the sure and only remedy for all our needs.

Mary’s grace-filled relationship with her Son makes this possible—and desirable. We want to be forgiven, healed, embraced, consoled and aided. We wish to be made whole and prepared for Paradise. She assists us and presents us to the Risen Lord. [Click here to continue reading]

5/1/2020 - A Joint Message from Dioceses of Sioux Falls and Rapid City

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Our decision on March 17, 2020 to suspend public Masses was made after much prayer, consultation, and after having reviewed the recommendations of public health authorities. This decision was focused on preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus especially for the most vulnerable. We know this extraordinary measure has been difficult for all the faithful. We are grateful for the acts of charity and expressed understanding that we have witnessed in our midst during this time.

This makes us all the more pleased to bring you good spiritual news in this Easter season.

Today, we write to share that we have initiated a process that will lead to Masses being prayed publicly in the Dioceses of Sioux Falls and Rapid City. What is most important for you to know at this time is that the decision on when parishioners may resume their participation in Holy Mass in their parish church and their reception of Holy Communion will be made by your pastor, in consultation with guidelines that we will be providing them at the diocesan level.

Determining the date when public Masses will begin in each parish will include developing a plan for implementation, setting up procedures for maintaining social distancing and proper hygiene and communicating all of this to parishioners. Public Masses will not begin before May 15.

Several important points we ask you to keep in mind... [Click here to continue reading]



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